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Welcome to our web site!

This website is for KU alumni that belonged to the Vietnamese Student Association called KUVN, in the mid 1980, and later changed to KUVSA, in the early 1990.

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Our aim is to provide a place for you to revisit your care-free days of the university life at KU, The University of Kansas, where you met good friends and spent the best of your days in pursuit of knowledge and a better future.  We hope that you can again join us in building this website to share with others.  Please let us know your thoughts about this website via the email address below.


Find your college friends, let them know how to contact you by joining the Yahoo Group.  Share your photos captured during your years at KU and KUVN or KUVSA.  Please click on the link below to join KUVN_KUVSA Yahoo Group.

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Site Updates:
10/30/04 - 1989 Photos: graduation
             - 1988 Photos: new year
             - 1987 Photos: picnic, thanksgiving, new year, graduation
10/29/04 - 1986 Photos: meeting, picnic, new year, graduation
10/22/04 - Added 1990 News Article
10/17/04 - Added 1990 Graduation Party Pics